Lethal x Status Circuit Composite Bucket Seat with Diamond Stitching (FIA)

Color: Pink
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Lethal x Status Circuit Bucket Seat with Diamond Stitching

Includes: 1 Lethal x Status Bucket Seat

Additional Information:
FIA 8855-1999 Certified for racing.
Low, tapered sides provide good containment, while making it easier to get in/out
Fits 34-38″ comfortably, but allows for MAX 42″ waist size.
Larger shoulder harness slots allow room for fresh air hose
Angled lap belt slots provide the proper angle to install lap belts
Customizable with over 60+ different color and material options
Requires Side Mounts to Install
If you'd like to take of diamond stitching or change color on seat please email us!

Care Guide

The Circuit Composite Seat brings a whole new look to your interior. The biggest difference to this seat is the lower side bolsters that taper off towards the front. So the seat still holds you in snug while taking a hard corner, but makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. This ‘big boy’ seat has a wider hip area that fits Drivers with up to size 42″ waist comfortably. Other features include large harness slots that allow a fresh air hose to fit through, and built in lumbar support for

  • *Other Products you need for Installation: Bottom Seat Bracket available from outside stores (we do not offer them) Side Mounts are available from: https://statusracing.com/product/universal-side-mounts/
  • Suede